Going to But Then Again, Maybe Not

Life is moving along quite nicely and I'm running in place.

There are many thoughts bouncing about in my mind. They're bouncing so much my mind is mushy. So mushy I can't string enough words together to write a proper blog. Even now as I'm writing I'm hitting backspace so often that it's going to get stuck. You should see all the words that are underlined in red. Spellcheck is a godsend. 

There were many things I was pondering this past week. Things I was going to blog about, things that were witty, deep, life changing, earth shattering. Okay, not life changing or earth shattering.

I was going to post about my outside-turned-inside-but-needs-to-be-back-outside dog. But, I was functioning on three and an half hours of sleep and couldn't think straight, thanks to Dog. I'll tell you about it sometime.

I was going to tell you about the craziness that is teaching adolescents. But, I, well I don't know why I didn't do that other than I was functioning on little sleep, thanks to Dog. 

I was going to show you how I was being a domestic goddess in the kitchen. But, I was too lazy to pull out the ol' Canon to take pictures of the steps in making Mississippi Mud Pie. I'll tell you this though, there is a plethora of recipes for MMP on the Internet. I went with PW's because it had the most butter and least amount of flour. Yes, Daughter, I chose butter over good sense.

I was also going to tell you about all sorts of other good things but I'm too incoherent to string my thoughts together.

I was told by a reader that I should include a picture of Rocket Man in each post. I must say, I agree. So here you go, Rocket Man and his mom, both the light of Husband's and my life.


  1. Wow! Lauren looks JUST like you! :) And Rocket Man is adorable..

  2. OK I give... why is he lovingly referred to as "Rocket Man" ? My imagination is running wild with that one...