Four Things, Because I Like Even

1.  It rained today! Twice. Fabulous, nourishing, rain. There was lightening, thunder, and Texas sized rain drops. With all this, though, I had a nervous dog. Not so bad at 6:00 in the morning, I was up fixing breakfast. Not so good at 10:30 at night, I was trying to sleep and Dog kept pacing. And pacing. And panting. In my face. Grrrr. 

2.  The rain brought out a friend I hadn't seen since the hotter-'n-Hades, one for the records, summer of 2011. He...although it might be a do you tell?...came out from his hiding spot and feasted on the plethora of critters that the rains brought out. Clinging to the window is how he rolls. Hello little buddy, Husband and I have missed you.

3.  The wheels for retirement in 2014 have begun to roll...sort of. Husband and I checked out the teacher retirement website, yep there's such a place. It depressed me. Lots of hoops to go through, no easy answers, at least none that we could find. As with many goals, this will take work. 

4.  Thank you again to all that left a comment on the giveaway. I can't tell you how much joy it brings me to read your thoughts. Comments make me happy. If only I could give each of you the money you need for what you wanted, no matter if it was a little something for yourself. Nothing wrong with that, replenish the well I say.


  1. cute froggie!
    retirement sounds lovely for y'all, hope all planning goes well.

    have a great day!

  2. hannah, thank you for the well wishes on the planning.