A Face Anyone Could Love

I took this right after Rocket Man's feeding. He was in heaven...and so was I.

It will be quite a while before I have new photos of Rocket Man, I leave Monday. 

It's back to reality. 

Back to the mundane world that is my life. Now that my life has been rocked by this bundle of cuteness, nothing will be the same.

Monday will be hard. Maybe as hard as when we brought Daughter up to Utah nine years ago to attend BYU. No, it will be harder. This time around not only will I be leaving Daughter, which is ALWAYS hard, I'll also be leaving Rocket Man. 

My friends warned me. 

They, those who preceded me into the world of grandmotherhood, told me that once you hold your grandchild, their hold on your heart is iron clad. They were right, not even an acetylene torch can remove the hold Rocket Man has on my heart. They also told me that once this happened my child would become secondary, a mere blip on my maternal radar. On this, they are wrong. Her hold from twenty seven years ago is still iron clad. I've tried to loosen the hold through time and distance but it's still the same. Our bond is set in steel. 

Daughter once posted that when she flies back to Utah from Texas she makes sure she'll have the window seat. The window seat, she said, gives her a modicum of privacy while tears fall down her cheeks as she feels sadness leaving 'home'. 

I have a window seat on Monday, as well as Husband to my right. I will survive this separation, I always do. It will be hard, though, knowing that I won't be right there to calm a new mother's nerves and fears and that she won't be there to calm mine. But....

It's a darn good thing Daughter and I have iPhones, Facetime at the three a.m. feeding will be awesome.

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  1. Gosh, I know that has to be hard to leave your baby and grandbaby...but like you said, thank goodness for technology!! Rocket Man is so precious. Have safe travels...