Dragnet East Texas Style

One of the last things you'd expect at ten at night is a phone call, at least for us it's unexpected. When the call does come my mind begins to race, creating some rather sensational situations. Last night was one of those nights.

A call came at 10:11. Immediately I think it's Daughter calling with some sad news, I listen for the tone in Husband's voice and realize it's not her. Then I think it's a church member with tragic news, again I listen for the tone and that's not it. After he hangs up I ask Husband what's up and he says it was Mother-in-law calling to say that someone was trying to evade the law, missed a curve, and took down part of the barbed-wire fence on the far end of the property. Say whaaat??

Hot dog, an adventure!!

As we're driving to the far end of the property, I asked husband how MIL found out about this. He said the police had called her. I then wondered, how would they know who's fence it was? Interesting.

In my mind I saw Husband and I working on the fence into the wee hours of the morning, just him, me, and the wild hogs. In the dark. With coyotes howling nearby. And snakes slithering by. Yeah, I was getting myself good and scared. This, was not the case.

We pulled up to this

Ha! The officers were still on the scene! The criminal was still there, albeit in the back of one of the cars. I don't know who the culprit was but he must have done something pretty serious to merit not just one officer pursuing him, he had two city police cars, one sheriff's car, one Texas highway patrol car and one unmarked car following him on these crazy back roads.

I was fully expecting to see the fence completely laid down. Nope, just one strand had to be mended. MIL also called one of our neighbors to help, he of course jumped at the chance to help.

All told it took about twenty minutes to get the fence temporarily mended. I was back home and in my bed before the end of the ten o'clock news. I was in no condition to sleep though. I kept wondering what the guy had done that he felt the need to drive like a mad man down the back roads. I also wanted to know how fast he was going down the back roads. One mystery was solved though, the mystery of how the officers knew who to call regarding the fence. One of the officers was Husband's cousin.

Nothing like a little excitement late at night to get the ol' adrenaline going.

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