Bandwagon Plus A Giveaway Update

Did y'all read about this

And how people got upset when Target sold out? 

Really, get mad because they sold out in record time and because the traffic on their server was so high that it crashed?

What's the big deal? It's just clothes and other stuff after all. 

People can be so weird. 

Well, you know me, I had to check it out for myself. Having an unscheduled day off because of the wildfire out by my work, I took the opportunity to drive the thirty minutes to my local Target, love this store!

What did I see?

Plenty of of cool file folders

Plenty of cute little girl's outfits.

Hmmm...what's all the excitement? Overreaction, I say.

But then again...some stuff was rather popular. I suppose there are those that just have to have all the latest styles, no matter if it's luggage, home decor or clothes.

I'd never heard of Missoni until the Target commercials started popping up! I did think though that Daughter would enjoy some of the Missoni products. 

Missoni must be something special, not being a fashionista I'm not hip to what's in. And you know me, I'm not one to follow the masses.

Oh, dear, pay no attention to that shopping cart! I have no idea how Missoni got in there!

Don't judge me. In a moment of weakness I jumped on the Missoni bandwagon. Can you blame me, it's so cool looking! And yes, I did get the last tote bag.

Along with the tote I bought file folders, note cards, an outfit for Pew Buddy, a hair clip and...a few things for Daughter. I'd show them to you but I want her to be surprised when she sees them.

I guess this is one time when living in a remote part of the U.S. paid off. Score one for the country bumpkin.

Oh, I need to update the giveaway. Husband said he'll match the one hundred dollars. So instead of winning one hundred dollars, the lucky winner will get two hundred dollars. 

Did your jaw just drop? Yep, you read that correctly, instead of one c-note, it'll be two. Two Benjamins. Two hundred clams. Two is always better than one. 

If you haven't entered the giveaway click here for all the details.


  1. Target is my weakness as well. I live about 20 minus away from anything, including Super Target, but you'll still find me there a few times a week! I did notice the new Missoni products there today, they were very eye-catching!

    And thank you 'husband' for matching the giveaway prize! My fingers are still crossed!

  2. *minutes... not minus. Darn phone!

  3. yes! we didn't really care, too much about the missoni either. it IS pretty cool though. AND our target still has plenty, too. guess it isn't a hot pick for north dakota ;)