I held off as long as I could.

Some might call me nosey, I prefer to think of it as having and insatiable desire for information. You can think whatever, it doesn't matter to me.

I needed to see, firsthand, the aftermath of the wildfires in My Little Corner of Texas. I'd heard so much on the news, seen video, heard from others, and read on Facebook of the effects of the fires. But, there is nothing like seeing things for yourself, at least that's my way of thinking.

I waited until today so that I wouldn't be in the way of the firefighters or the fire. Perhaps, I should've waited one more day. The acrid smell of smoke still hung heavy in the evening air, it was hard to catch my breath. How are fire fighters to breath in the thick of it? Once again, I need to express my admiration for them. They are phenomenal.

I left my house around seven in the evening, I figured traffic would be at a minimum at this time. Not that there is Dallas type traffic out here but the fire closest to us was on a state highway that is a significant east-west route around here. As I drove toward the site, I could still see in the distance a cloud bank of rising smoke, surely this wasn't residual smoke from the fire, I thought.

The closer I got to the fire's site, the more I realized that this was residual smoke from a fire that's still burning fifty miles from us. I don't know how much of this fire is contained, I do know that the fire fighters are still hard at work.

There's only one word to describe  how I felt when I got to where the fire had been: Amazed.

I'm amazed at how close the fire came to so many homes and still not have destroyed them. I'm amazed at the ability of the fire fighters to preserve the homes. I'm amazed at how merciful the Lord was and has been to our area. Though He has not yet blessed us with rain, He has blessed many in that their homes were spared.

My Little Corner of Texas is full of majestic oaks and towering pines; beautiful any other time, a cause for concern right now, given the drought we're under.

I'm filled with sadness to see a part of my beautiful Little Corner of Texas in ashes, areas still smoldering and smoke filtering down throughout the area. At the same time I'm filled with joy by the hospitality that so many have shown to the fire fighters and those who were displaced by the fire. But this shouldn't surprise me, it's the way people are in Texas, hospitable. I heart Texas for this and so many other reasons.


  1. Wow, those pictures are incredible! That IS amazing how close the fires were burning to those houses. Thanks for sharing those. My husband has some family in Texas. His cousins were about 10miles from some of the fire there, but have friends much closer. You all continue to be in our prayers!

  2. By the way, I should probably introduce myself (I'm really not a crazy, random blog stalker!)... I'm Barry's cousin from the Schwitters side. :)