Pluses and Minuses

A friend of mine recently had a giveaway on her blog. To enter you answered the question 'what will you miss most about summer'. I've pondered this question for a bit now, mostly because I'll be returning to work next week.  So in my pondering I've come to the following conclusions, there have been pluses and minuses to this summer. 

Lets start with the pluses.

1. Husband and I got to travel to see my familia in Oregon and had a wonderfully, deliciously, cool time. 

2. Daughter came for a visit, always delightful, as did Baby Sis. I love it when my siblings come down south for a visit, makes it so I don't feel so isolated from the rest of them.

3. I had time away from teenage angst, well sort of. Instead of a daily dose, I only had it on the weekends. 

4. My first grandbaby will be born at the end of August, actually, it could happen any day now!! So exciting!

Now the minuses.

1. It's been hot.

2. It's been incredibly hot.

3. It's been hotter-'n-blue-balzes hot.

4. It's been so hot the trees have begun to shut down. Literally.

I took this picture Monday

These oaks aren't suppose to change color until well into October. Other trees have begun to drop their leaves, their crunchy, brown leaves. I know that they're going into survival mode, I hope they do survive.

See these acorns?

They don't begin to fall until well into October, and they're generally the size of my thumbnail. 

As much as I kid my Baby Sis about being a tree hugger, I'm a fledging one too. I worry about the plant and animal life in these wretched temperatures, neither are adapted to the extremes we've experienced this year.

The heat, the unbearable heat, has forced me to keep all of my blinds and drapes closed in an effort to conserve energy and keep the cooling costs down. I'm living in a tomb. I'm not adapted to these living conditions. 

A silver lining, there must be a sliver lining to this summer of my discontent. If there is one, it might be this: when I'm ninety and sitting in my rocker and First Grandbaby asks me about when he was born, I can tell him that he was one of the bright spots in an otherwise miserable summer.

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