PB Friday

I spent the morning with Pew Buddy last Friday, I needed to hone my grandmother skills.

We played this childhood favorite.

As with all three-year-olds, she played in her own unique way...lots and lots of short cuts.

PB wanted five braids, yes five. We had a beauty shop moment and ended up with this

Not my best efforts, it's been a while since I braided a little one's hair. PB's mama said she looked like a little Jamaican.

Remembering that a three year old's attention span is that of a gnat, I came prepared.

Stamping paraphernalia. PB loved it.

I know why we birth children while we are young, energy; young mothers have it, I don't. PB was a constant whir of energy, I found it hard to keep up. 

The iPhone kept us entertained, cameras tend to do that.

We also had a rousing game of hide-and-seek. PB's version had me hiding where she told me to but then she would forget to look where she'd told me to hide. I loved it.

If I were retired, I think I'd spend all my Friday mornings with PB.


  1. She's so cute! I love the braids.

  2. She loves her Ahnitah! You are one of her most favorite people in the whole world. -Amy