One More Post About The Best Baby Ever

I'm in love. 

You know with whom. 

I think I've told you that a friend said to me that when her son had his first child, well he didn't have it his wife did but you know what I mean, she never thought she'd be so consumed with a child that she'd act stupid every time she was around him. Her husband then chimed in 'stupid and broke'.

I mastered the broke part of his statement quite well while Daughter was gestating. Never did I think I'd be so well on my way to stupid. How can a seven-pound-one-ounce-teeny-tiny-piece-of-sweet-smelling-just-arrived-from-heaven-baby have such an effect on a middle aged woman?! Crazy, isn't it?

Today was more picture taking, visitors and lots and lots...and lots of cuddling. 

This little cutie stopped by and was so excited to see the baby.

Miss E's mommy is Husband's cousin.  

Some have wondered what my grandson is going to call me. What I want and what he'll call me may not be the same but what I've chosen is Lita. It's a shortening of 'abuelita' which in Spanish means 'little grandmother'. Daughter called my mom this when she was little, I thought it appropriate that my grandson call me the same.

As to what his blog name will be, well I'm not going to follow the pattern I've set of referring to him by what his relation is to me. I've chosen something different, yet fitting his oh so young and adorable personality.

When Larry was sharing their adventure in labor and delivery, they both emphasized several times how fast he came into the world. I won't relate their story because it is their story to share but my understanding is that once all was in place it took maybe five pushes and then BAM, there he was. No easing on down the road for this one, Larry said he entered this world on a rocket and they sometimes refer to him as Rocket Man. Wanna guess what I'll be calling him on the blog? Uh huh, Rocket Man. I like the sound of it.


  1. I'm so excited for y'all family!! I can't wait to meet Rocket Man and I'm glad you get to spend so much time with him right now!

    Thanks for your words of encouragement. I'm looking forward to these next few years and of course I'm counting on those blessing!! Thank you tremendously--you AND your hubby for the gift to Ben :)

  2. Congratulations to all of your family!!! You're going to be a fahhbulous Lita.

  3. I've been thinking...he is just as interesting to watch/look at as a TV show. I could sit and watch him for awhile.