I'm Sleep Deprived and Loving It

I'd forgotten how sleep deprived you can become when there's an infant in the house. No wonder God made it so that women have babies in their youth.

Some random thoughts...that is how my brain is functioning right now. It's hard to string a thought longer than a few words without having to pause and think.

1.  Daughter's ward has some awesome cooks. The Relief Society coordinated some meals to be brought in, which has been so nice. Being in the Jell-O capital of the world, there's been one dish that used orange Jell-O. It. Was. So. Good. I've got to start incorporating Jell-O dishes into my five dish repertoire, Husband would appreciate it I'm sure.

2.  I like the hot weather in Utah much more than the hot mess we've been having in Texas. There is a world of difference between ninety eight and one hundred and eight. cools off at night. So nice to go out and enjoy the cool evening breezes.

3. Back to school is happening all over the place. It's odd see school buses criss-crossing busy city streets, I'm used to seeing them on quiet back country roads. It's also odd to see kiddos walking to school, I don't see that much back in Texas, the kids live too far from the school.

4. Although it has been all about Rocket Man for the past five days, there was an interesting development at Larry's house. 

Wanna know what it was? 

Okay, I'll tell ya.

Son-in-law happened to look out the kitchen window and saw something odd in one of the apple trees. From his vantage point it looked like some trash had blown up into the tree. Upon further investigation, he determined it was a giant beehive. It just so happens there's a beekeeper that lives in the 'hood so SNL gave him a call. Beekeeper was more than happy to come and remove the hive, one of his hives had quit producing honey. When he came, Beekeeper Man brought a buddy along to help him remove the hive, or at least that was the plan.

After Beekeeper Man and Buddy looked at the hive, they determined it wasn't the abode of our friendly honey producing bees but rather the abode of the not so friendly yellow jacket wasp. 


Herein laid the change of plans. Buddy and Beekeeper Man came by late last night and, after some friendly bantering between them and SNL, it was determined that the wasps would be exterminated (please don't judge, I'd hate to have the hive fall and then have all those nasty wasps sting someone or worse come in the house! yikes!) but that the hive would be removed so Buddy could study the interior of the hive. Buddy, it turns out, is doing a study of wasp habitats and needs hives to study. Yesterday, it turns out was his lucky day. He said this hive was in the making for sometime, unbeknownst to Larry. Buddy said it was the biggest hive he'd ever seen; I need to invite him down to Texas, there are some ginormous wasp hives down there...everything IS bigger in Texas.

I gingerly ventured out yesterday at dusk to snap a few pics, gotta have something to show Rocket Man when I'm recounting to him all about when he was born.

As with all nature, they did a great job of making sure it was well camouflaged. 

I used my telephoto lens to take these, I didn't want to be on the receiving end of a wasp welcome wagon. 

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