I R Stupid

This past May as the school year was drawing to a close, El Jefe approached me with a request. Actually, he'd talked to Art Teacher and Counselor Lady first, then he came with his request. He knew he had to have allies in acquiring what he wanted. 

His request?

Would I serve as co-sponsor of the Student Council this school year. I gave him my 'whacha talkn' 'bout Willis' look and with a smirk on my face said 'I really like the way my life is going right now, so I'll pass'. To which he responded, 'Well, A.T. and Counselor Lady said that they'd do it if you would.' I said nothing, I just glared at him. The man knew that he had me over a barrel, put the guilt trip on me and I'm like putty in your palm. (I hate that about myself, I'm working on being un-malleable, yes, un-malleable is not a word but it gets the point across.) I didn't give him an answer at the time, I just continued to glare at him. 

El Jefe must have also talked to the StuCo president for this year because she mentioned to me, she was a student in one of my classes, that she'd heard that I might be one of the sponsors for this year. I glared at her too. Her response? 'Ah, SeƱora, it'll be so much fun. You won't have to do much because we run all the meetings and everything' insert Cheshire Cat grin here. 

More guilt, more glaring.

I happened to catch A.T. and Counselor Lady in the office. I confronted them about what El Jefe had said, 'Did y'all really say you'd be StuCo sponsors if I'd do it?' Sheepishly they replied in the affirmative.

More guilt, more glaring. Used to my glare was enough to send people running, I've lost the touch. I'ma gonna have to work getting the 'glare' back. It was my trademark. Arugh!

You know where this is heading don't you. I gave in with the caveat that I'd be sponsor for one year and then evaluate at the end to see if I'd do it again.

At HHS the StuCo puts out locker decorations, which amount to a cutout of some sort with the name of each student, on each and every locker. Three hundred and seventy lockers, give or take a few. Yours truly said she would cut out three hundred and seventy, give or take a few, stars. That was Monday. I have to have them done by noon today, it is now 8:40. I have one hundred and forty done. I'm blogging instead of cutting. Thankfully, I'm not cutting them out by hand. I have a Cricut, it makes this soooo much easier. But, I still have to sit here and wait for it to do it's thing, hence I can't go do my other things. 

My life was so perfect. Go to work, teach, grade papers, teach, grade papers, come home, walk Dog, clean, cook, grade papers, do church stuff. I had it so good. Now I have one more thing in the mix. 

Would someone please put a sign on my back that says 'kick me'. I'm. So. Stupid. 

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