I Left My Heart

I've told you in the past that it took a while for Texas to grow on me. Now that it has I feel like I'm cheating when I tell you this...I heart Utah. 

Utah has a magnet hold on me, it always has. Every time I come back here it's as if I'm coming 'home', even though this was only a temporary port in the journey that has been my life.

I know what you're thinking, it's because Rocket Man and Larry are in Utah. Yes, it's partially true. But I've always loved it here, ever since my college days. Utah and the college experience went a long way in molding me into the person I am. 

As with all things, time has changed the places I frequented as a college ingenue. Some have been leveled to make way for bigger, shinier but not necessarily better. Other places have been inhabited by big box retailers. And then there are those places that have pretty much remained unchanged, except for the changes that nature brings with the passage of time. These are the places that I love the most.

Of the places I love the most the mountains would be right up at the top. I dont' have mountains in My Little Corner of Texas, what's referred to as a mountain is a mole hill compared to this

This is the view from Rocket Man's nursery, it takes my breath away every time I see it. 

I adore My Little Corner of Texas, I wouldn't, I couldn't, trade it, unless it was for some place on top of that mountain. Maybe I need to have a chat with Mr. Robert Redford, he owns part of the backside of that mountain. Perhaps we could trade places? Hmmm.

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