Today is my birthday. 

My age?

I'll tell you this, if I were a piece of furniture, say this piece of furniture (which I'd love to own, by the way),

designed by Harry Bertoia, I be referred to as Mid-Century modern...and I'd be quite valuable.

As I get older I sometimes fear that I will become one of those eccentric old ladies that some make fun of but others adore. Hopefully I'll be one of the adorable ones and not one of the weirdos like Dog.

Dog is old, thirteen to be exact which by dog standards is OLD. In human terms she is ninety one, which in my book constitutes old. In her old age Dog has developed some, hmmm, odd habits. Odd and annoying habits. 

See this water bowl, full of clean, cool, fresh water? It's inside the house. Remember, my outside dog has become an inside dog, much to my chagrin. 

So where does Dog want to go when she needs a drink?

Yup, you guessed it, outside, where for the last sixty days it's been hotter 'n blue blazes. She just started this, used to she'd drink her water inside with no problem. 

See this dog food bowl? Clean and shiny. 

This is the bowl Dog has used for years, and I do mean years. About two weeks ago she decided that this was not where she wanted to have her food fed to her. Interested to see where she likes to have her food now? I'm warning you, it's weird, very, very weird.

Yes, that's a towel. Put her food in the bowl and she'll take two bites and walk away. Put her food on the towel and she goes town.

Dog has become very weird. I wonder though, is she weird or is it Husband and me for indulging her eccentricities? 

So, in your opinion, has Dog become a cute, adorable, eccentric or has she become just plain weird?


  1. I will always think she's cute and adorable and eccentric. She's won her time to be eccentric by being the best dog ever. Might as well indulge her while we can.

  2. I'd say she is just becoming a bit eccentric...Happy Birthday, my dear friend!!

  3. I think of how Dot, in her last years, just wanted to eat Blue Bell and drink Dr. Pepper. Old gals deserve to eat what (and wherever) they want, even if it's off of a towel.
    I hope you had a wonderful birthday!

  4. I think she is eccentric but you are awesome for indulging her. I too have a loved dog thats getting up in the years and he has lost his sight. He bounces off things like a bumper car and yet I would do anything for him. Good for you and for letting her be crazy. :)