Creative Shopping

I'm still in Never Never Land. 

Never did I realize how much a little speck of Daughter's DNA could alter my life. 

It had never occurred to me that I might want to alter my goal of retirement in three years after I'd seen this little thing I call Rocket Man. 

And I never thought I'd be one of those ebullient, effusive, obnoxious, can't-stop-talking about my grandchild type of grandparent. Yet, here I am, all those things and more. Sheesh!

Okay, I need to expand my horizons and post about something other than the cutest, sweetest, best-behaved baby known as Rocket Man. Aaaahhh, enough already, enough!

I do have something to share. Something that I found rather humorous. 

Daughter lives all of two minutes from one of my favorite places to shop, you know the one. It's the one that has a bullseye for a logo. Yes, that place. 

A little background first. Larry lives in a town not too far from where my alma mater is based and in Larry's town there is also another university; two large universities within a ten mile radius. 

I'm sure you've realized that it's back to school season, back to any kind of school you can imagine, universities included. So you can only imagine the mayhem that can be found at Target with elementary, junior high, high school and university students trying to get their back-to-school supplies.

In addition to the mundane supplies of #2 pencils, pens, and paper, university students have a few other supplies they need. Supplies like these

These microwaves and refrigerators are a staple in dorm rooms. 

If you live in an apartment, there are other things you have to buy as part of the back-to-school shopping trip, kitchen stuff, living room stuff, bathroom stuff, and other stuff. 

Sometimes, you see creative methods of getting the stuff you'll need. Creative methods like this couple used, they were helping their child get stuff for her off campus dwelling.

I will keep this cute couple's creativity in mind next time Husband and I go shopping at Target and I'm just to tired to walk...or just because it looks like it'd be fun to get pushed around like little kids do.

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  1. I hate those carts, I mean buggies. Grace always throws a huge fit if I don't use one, and when I do I feel like I'm driving a bus. They're so hard to maneuver around the store.