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I know what you're thinking, Daughter had her baby.  Ummm, no, not yet...hopefully this week, as she is beyond ready to have him.

The breaking news? It rained on Saturday!  And, it wasn't over one hundred degrees!!!

It wasn't puny rain either. 

It was rain-so-it-comes-out-the-gutter rain.

Make-bubbles-in-the-puddles rain.



It was breathe-life-into-my-wearied-soul rain.

Uh, V, why is your lawn so green?

Oh, easy five word answer: sprinkler system, private water well...which may have gone dry.  That or there's something wrong with the well pump. It quit working yesterday and already the flowers are wilting, today was not a nice, cool, cloud-coverd, day. Bummer.

I can't begin to tell you what the rain and cooler weather did for my wilted spirits. I'm so grateful for answered prayers.  

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