Before There Was Cuisinart

The house Husband and I live in was his grandmother's house. I'm sure I've told you this already, I can't remember...I'm a year older, so I'm entitled to forget, right? Anyway, by the time we moved in, Mother-in-law had removed all the furniture and all the little odds and ends. There were a few things, though, that just didn't want to leave the house, they hid from MIL's view. As I was unpacking my kitchen, I came across those items of Dudie that were playing hide and seek from MIL, this was one of them.

I love this reamer. It reminds me of Dudie and all her wonderfulness. I miss her. I miss her wisdom, her steadiness, her spiritualness, her stalwartness. She was an awesome lady. 

Summertime is when I use the reamer the most and each time I do I'm reminded of Dudie. 

During the long hot summer months I'll make fresh limeade so Husband and I will have something cool and refreshing to drink, nothing better on a hot summer day. You should try it.  

What's that, you don't know how to make fresh limeade?

Well, say no more, I'll teach you right now. It's easy as can be.

For two quarts you'll need five medium sized limes, sugar, and water, that's it. 

Slice the limes in half and, using your handy dandy reamer, get all the juice out.

As the reamer fills with the lime juice, empty it in to the pitcher.  When you finish with juicing all the limes you'll be left with empty lime cups. 

(Here's a little homemaking tip, slice up some of the rind and put it in the garbage disposal, when you run the disposal you'll hear an awful racket as the rind is being ground up but you'll also have a wonderfully smelling disposal.)

Next, add cold water to the pitcher, use a two quart pitcher, fill it just to the spout.

After you've filled the pitcher, add sugar to taste. I'm not sure how much to tell you to use because I just taste as I go, when it's the right balance of tart/sweet I stop adding sugar.

I start off with one scoop, which is about a cup. 

Stir until well blended, taste. Too tart, add a little sugar and stir again, taste again. Still too tart, add a bit more sugar. Keep adding a bit at a time until you get just what you like.  

Pour into a tall, ice filled glass. Find a nice cool place to sit, kick back and enjoy.

If you don't have a reamer, just squeeze the limes till you get all the juice out.

I've started a collection of reamers, I like them that much.

This one I found at an estate sale. I've told Daughter she could have it, so far she's not asked for it...I may take my offer back :)

This one Baby Sis gave to me as a birthday present a few years back. I love the color.

I'm going to be on the hunt for another reamer or two and maybe, if I find just the right one, I'll give one to you.

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  1. I think I'll have another glass...