What I Bought On My Summer Vacation

The city of Portland, Oregon seriously needs to hire my Baby Sis as their tour director/ambassador of fun/shopper's BFF. She knows not only all the good restaurants but she also knows some very fun, unique and quirky places to shop.

One of our expeditions this go round took us to Kitchen Kaboodle, a locally owned kitchen-gadget-Sur-la-Table type store. It was love at first gadget.

They had way more than just gadgets; they had stuff like this

I love sunflowers, they have summer written all over. The red adds just the right punch to my kitchen counter.

They also had this

Baby Sis swears by this honey dispenser, she promises it won't drip honey in places that you don't want honey dripped.  If she says it won't have you dripping honey all over the place I'm going to believe her because she hates sticky messes. As soon as summer cools its jets, I'll crank-up the oven and make some homemade biscuits, they'll be perfect for some local honey.

And this

The rug is made with thirty five percent recycled plastic, as in the plastic from plastic bottles, it makes me feel like a twig-hugger having it in my house, I'm not quite a tree-hugger. The rug is machine washable, I like this, and available in many designs. Check out the designs here. Aren't they fabulous?!

As much as I'm disliking the weather here, it's a good thing I don't live there, I'd be shopping everyday and I'd be the next victim on Hoarders. Shudder the thought!


  1. Auntie needs this one!

  2. I agree! It would look great at her back door.

  3.'s really cute, but Mr. Nigel might get a wee bit jealous. I wish you two lived here 'cause I really do have a kajillion more places to take you shopping...and dining. Sigh.

    BTW, Larry I hope you realize that Larry Jr. is going to be spending 4 weeks w/me every summer starting at age 3 so I can take him to the beach, hiking and biking and teach him how to be a good litte bird-loving, food-centric, gourmet-chef-to-be, baseball-playing tree-hugger. Just sayin' don't be shocked when I whisk him away.