Urban Legend

Have you ever seen the movie Footloose? You know the one I'm talking about, it has Kevin Bacon in it. He's the rebel leading a bunch of kids astray with his fancy dance moves. 

It was filmed in Utah, you know. It features a shot of the Lehi Roller Mills...every time we drive past it as we're going down the Interstate to see Daughter, Husband and I will say, 'you know that Footloose was filmed there'. 

Every. Single. Time. 

Yep, that's what we do.

I've been told that it's still a working roller mill but I've never seen any of their flour anywhere, not even when I lived in Utah oh, so many years ago...about the time Kevin and his crew were dancing up a storm in Lehi, Utah. 

I thought it was urban legend that flour, yes I did. Until last week...while I was in Portland. 

Baby Sis had taken me to another one of her favorite little eating establishments. Lemme just tell you, Portland has a kajillion places to eat. You could eat out every meal for an entire year and NEVER eat at the same place twice. But I digress. 

Baby Sis took me here

They serve some delectable sandwiches and a few other tasty treats.  

While waiting for the sandwiches, and Baby Sis to get her beverage, I spied these.

Imagine my surprise to realize that Lehi Roller Mills flour is not a product of urban legend.

Little t American Baker uses this flour to make the bread they used for the sandwiches we ate.

As well as all these luscious goodies.

Wish y'all could sample all of these, they were fabulous. 

No, I didn't eat them all at once. Yes, I did share with La Familia. No, I'm not addicted to carbs...well, maybe I am.

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