Trying to Be Hip

I bit the bullet today and got one of these

I'd told you before that I'd been debating what phone to get next and what provider to use. The old phone really started acting up so it was time to make the trek to the phone store. 

I chose the iPhone for one reason and one reason only, it's an Apple product and I'm familiar with Apple products and how they work. Therefore, it should be easy to get the hang of how to work it. Right?


Smartphones make me feel dumb. 

After I left the store and the nice phone salesman...who by the way went with me to my car and set it up so I could use the phone hands free in my car...I couldn't figure out how to place a call using my contacts. I had to pull out the old phone, look-up the number, and then enter the number digit y digit. Yeah, I know, is that the epitome of laziness or what? Anyway, I felt frustrated and stupid. Sheesh. 

I told Daughter I might have to wait until I'm back at work so I can have one of my kiddos teach me the finer points of the iPhone.

Trying to be hip and cool is a lot of work, it taxes my brain.

Maybe I should have gone with a Jitterbug.

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