So Far...

...this vacation has been unabashedly fabulous. 

I've ridden down some of the most scenic highways around,

stayed at an inn that is the next best thing since sliced bread,

(This little inn has nice touches like, a fire pit where you can make 'Smores...they even provide the skewers for them, a cute little kitchen in the suite that has a very homey feel),

gone antique-ing in this great much too see, so little time,

eaten at a restaurant where the food is so fresh, the chef comes out to the garden to pick the herbs,

seen an armada of rubber duckies,

savored delectable pastries,

played with nephew dog,

hung out with these beautiful people,

spent some much needed R&R with the Hubs,

put my tootsies in some therapeutic Pacific Ocean water, ahhh so nice and cool, 

and viewed some fabulous fireworks.

Life, is good.