Remember Me In August

My friend, Running Girl, had a post on her blog back in February, the eleventh to be exact, with the title you see above.

Said post had pictures of her adorable four year old rolling in three inches of newly fallen snow. 

I smiled the first time a I read that post.

RG has updated her blog once over the last six months. When I checked in today to see if she'd done any recent updating, I saw her February eleventh post again. 

I smiled again for two reasons.

Reason 1: Running Girl has yet to update. Very unsubtle hint here.

Reason 2: I wished I had the thirty degree weather to factor in with our one hundred degree weather so I could get some sixty five degree weather.

I remember February in August, Running Girl.


  1. Me: hanging my sweaty head in shame, wishing I could blame my laziness on the heat (and kinda missing twenty-degree mornings).
    Point taken, my friend.

  2. And to you two...remember me in in November-May. The months where it is dangerous to walk out your door for fear you may slip and fall on the ice.