An Open Letter

Dear Duchess of Cambridge,

I love your style. You are elegant beyond words. Your taste in clothes is impeccable, it doesn't hurt that you have a figure to die for. Sigh. 

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I would've loved seeing you and your handsome Duke in person. Previous commitments kept me away from the fete at the British Ambassador's home. Though I did read that the Duke and David Beckham had a lovely conversation about the impending birth of Mrs. Posh Spice Beckham. Well, not her birth but her giving birth to Baby Seven. Odd name the Beckham's chose for their child. I hope Larry doesn't choose an odd number name for my first grandchild. Although, if they name him One or Uno, it would be an odd number.

I recently read that you have made a point of wearing pantyhose with your ensembles. Oh, dear. You've set a precedent that I will not follow. No matter how glamorous it might make my fifty-something-year-old legs look. I've been there. I hated wearing pantyhose and swore that given the chance I would never wear them again. I was given the chance and haven't worn a pair of Legg's in over twenty five years.

I recall that Princess Diana made it oh so chic, and caused quite the sensation, when she chose to go bare legged to many formal functions. I was on board with her on that. I know you respect Princess Diana and honor her memory in many ways.  May I suggest, most respectfully of course, that going sans pantyhose would be a lovely way to honor her...and keep me in step with fashion because, after all,  I am quite the fashionista.

Many happy years of wedded bliss to you and your Duke


  1. It is nice to see a beautiful woman rocking a modest dress! -RP