Flight Crew? We Don't Need No Stinkin' Flight Crew!

Usually the fights home are uneventful, the way I like them, on time and boring. Saturday's flight home, not so much.

The leg from PDX to DFW was fine, on time and boring. DFW to TYR almost didn't happen.

Here was the plane, all ready to go. Waiting, oh so patiently, to wing us to our final destination. We were in the terminal, waiting, oh so patiently, to board the plane so we could reach our final destination.

Here was the plane waiting some more. Waiting for a flight crew to show up so we could wing our way to our final destination.

Yep, American somehow managed to over look getting a back-up flight crew in place when the scheduled crew was delayed in Tampa Bay. We waited three hours, fortunately not all of it was on the plane.

After a one and a half hour wait in the terminal, a back-up co-pilot and flight attendant showed up.  We boarded the plane, sans the captain, and waited thirty minutes, in the heat, for a captain to show up.  Mercifully, the flight attendant instructed us to gather our personal belongings and disembark.

Back to some more patient waiting and some more aimless wandering around the terminal. Finally, at 7:45 p.m. the scheduled, but delayed, flight crew showed up. Once again we boarded the plane, the whole while I'm skeptical we'll actually take off. But, lo and behold, we did.

With all that waiting time, I made some observations at DFW.

#1 If you're over the age of fourteen, turn the sound off on your game app. It was rather comical watching a fifty-something-year-old man play a fishing game, with the sound on, as he got really animated playing the game.

#2 DFW needs to page people in more than one language. There was a page for a couple with the last name of Garcia, headed to Mexico, to report to a certain gate. What if the couple didn't understand English? It would be similar to having a couple with the last name of Smith, in France, headed to the U.S., told in French to report to a certain gate.

#3 Don't do anything at an airport that will get you arrested. I don't know what the man did, but three uniformed Dallas police officers stood around him while one of the police officers handcuffed him. I'm curious to know what he did. He wasn't near a store nor did the officers have any stolen goods in hand, so I don't think he was shoplifting. I wonder what he did.

#4  Why would two, anglo, thirteen-ish year old boys be traveling unaccompanied to Mexico?  

#5  American should make all their terminals like terminal D. The waiting was much more bearable there than in the A, B or C terminals.

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