Des Chaussures, Los Zapatos

I have a love-hate relationship with shopping.  

Love going and looking at all the pretty things for the house, jewelry, stationary, garden stuff, and things for Daughter and Husband, hate trying to find clothes for myself. Things that are hip and cool are never in my size. Things that are in my size are not hip and cool. Therefore, I tend to put off buying clothes as long as I can. There is one thing though that I don't have to worry about fitting into.  My size in this is not a 'plus' size, it's normal. 


I love shoes. I could spend my entire paycheck on shoes. I pat myself on the back when I resist the temptation to indulge in a new pair.

Lemme share a few that I passed up recently.

These lovely specimens are available here. Love 'em.  Though standing in front of the class for eight hours might be a bit tiring in five inch heels.

What are your thoughts on these

The stripes make this shoe. So retro looking too.

How about these

I adore these for two reasons: They're yellow and I want a pair of yellow shoes. They are wing-tips without looking masculine.

Something a little more casual and flat.

These would look so good with a pair of jeans or slacks, maybe even a skirt.

This last pair is not really age appropriate for me, but, they are so chic. I can see Daughter in a pair of these. 

Did you like any of these? If you did, go here to find your size.

I think, I might give in to temptation and buy that yellow pair for myself.

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  1. I need a pair of each! Along with the gray pants that are behind the white and blue striped ones! So cute!