When I was a kid, summers seemed to last forever. Now, not so much.

I find it hard to believe that in four weeks I'll be back at work. Yes, I know, you feel sooo sorry for me.

Perhaps the fact that I've been busy every waking moment, or so it seems, with one thing or another has something to do with the rapidity of this summer's passing.

I've had so many irons in the fire that it wasn't until yesterday that I finally got all of the graduation gifts taken care of, along with some past due wedding gifts. 

Shameful, I know.

As I was writing notes of congratulations, and addressing the envelopes, I realized how atrocious my handwriting has become.

I think I need to get a writing tablet, you know the one, the one with the solid and dashed lines where the bottom and top lines are solid and the middle line is dashed, and practice my penmanship, like we used to do in grade school.

Did you know that in many schools they no longer teach cursive writing? Yes, you read that correctly; schools no longer teach cursive. I find it sad that elementary school-aged children don't get to practice making loop-d-loops and curlicues between those solid and dashed pink and blue lines. Making loop-d-loops and curlicues was one of my favorite activities in grade school.

Judging from the horrendous writing my students have, the elementary grades also no longer place an emphasis on good penmanship, cursive or otherwise. I think that's sad. 

I blame the computer. 

It is easier and faster to type notes and letters but don't you just love it when you get a handwritten note or, even better, a handwritten letter? I drink in every aspect of something handwritten, the ink, the stationary, the penmanship, everything. I treasure these notes and letters, it's as if a small part of the writer is coming along in the envelope. 

Do you handwrite any correspondence? Or has the handwritten note become a lost art?


  1. I handwrite cards. And letters to my grandmothers who don't have email. And occasionally a little note for my hubby. That's about it, though.

  2. I like to handwrite Thank You cards and actually send themthrough the mail even if I see the person frequently. There's something more personal and special about taking the time to write the card, stamp it, and send it. I think it shows that you care enough to go the extra mile.