Birds In The 'Hood

During these hot, humid, melt-in-the-sun-wish-you-lived-someplace-else days, the birds in our 'hood have sought refuge in the pool.

No, we didn't splurge and have a pool installed. 

I'm talking about a bird pool. 

This pool.

This is the go to place for all the birds.


This little one that I have no idea what it is, I'm sure one of you does. Clue me in will ya.

You've heard the adage 'birds of a feather flock together', right? It's true.

These blue birds

will not be in the birdbath if this mockingbird is on it.

The mockingbird won't go near the bath if a blue jay is near it and the jay will skeedaddle if a cardinal is using the birdbath. My ornithological observation, the cardinal is king. He'll bully the other birds away, all the other birds wait their turn.

All this bird talk reminded me of my mom and Baby Sis.

Mom has bird feeders of all sorts outside her kitchen window and Baby Sis has a family of crows that she is tending to.  She feeds them dog food, provides them water so Mama Crow can moisten the food before feeing the babies, which are actually as big as Mama Crow, and she's even named them...please don't judge, I'm trying to find her some help.

Meet the family.  I'd formally introduce you but I've forgotten their names.

Hmmm, I just realized something, I'm more like my mom and Baby Sis than I realized. 

Oh, well, birds of a feather, ya know.

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  1. It kind of looks like a Chickadee, but it's hard to tell. I have some pics on my blog in Sept of 2009 of some of the birds in my yard. They aren't really good pics but you could probably tell if it matches one of those. I want a bird bath for my birds too!