Adventures 'R Us

I've gone on a couple of new adventures while in PDX this year.

Adventure number one involved food...what else is new?  

The dinning experienced was unique, pleasant and all together fun. Baby Sis and I ate here

Yep, it's in a parking lot. PDX has parking lots in various points of the city where local food carts will set-up shop and sell their wares. 


Yes, you read that correctly, the eating establishments are on wheels which are parked in a parking lot...for those of you from My Little Corner of Texas, it's akin to the Yamboree...except the food carts are under very stringent food regulations. 

I told you it was unique. 

The selections vary from parking lot to parking lot. This particular lot had Mexican, Cajan, Greek, elk, hot dogs, fondue and fish cuisine. We settled on the hot dog cart, Baby Sis ate a chicken sandwich while I had a hot dog with green chile, not great but not bad either. I love the name of the cart.

Baby Sis also wanted to try some fondue, which I was game to try. It was pretty good.  She must have impressed the guy running the cart, as we were eating the fondue he came over and brought us this.

Adventure numero dos was this

A classic car show.  

I'd never been to one, it was also an interesting and super cool experience.

I did enjoy looking at the meticulous workmanship on some of the cars, very impressive and the money they sink into these cars has got to be unreal.

I loved the hood ornaments.  

This beauty belonged to this pretty little thing.

When I was in high school, I really wanted one of these.

Do ya think I'm partial to red cars. Hmmm.

What do you think of the size of this one?  I had to back way up to get it to fit in the picture.

What made this adventure super cool wasn't the cars, it had to do with Brother-in-law MA.

Brother -in-law MA rode the motorcycle he'd made to the event and displayed it. He made the bike from a kit but added his own unique touches. 

Touches like these 

He manufactured the exhaust and gas cap, he's talented like that.

He'd parked the bike, walked around, went back to the bike and there was this notice on it.

MA's bike was one of two motorcycles, out of about two hundred, chosen as a winner! 

His intention wasn't to go and win, he just wanted to enjoy a ride on a nice evening. Pretty cool, I'd say.

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