Two Things

Thing one, the most important of the two I might add.  Daughter comes in today!!  I haven't seen her since March, much too long a time...especially now that she's with child. I will try hard to contain my excitement when I see her at the airport, it'll be difficult.

Thing two is not pleasant, at least not for me.

This morning, as I was getting ready to water the ferns, I decided to pull a few weeds from around the roses. As I did, I spied a snake (insert shudder, chills and shake of head here).  It was about the circumference of a number two pencil and as long as a twelve inch ruler.  It was brown, like the dirt, with speckles on its back, perfectly camouflaged. Had it not slithered when it did I'm sure my bare hand would have touched it--or worse, gotten bit! 

What did I do?  Called Husband to come check out the snake, he hadn't left for work yet.

In the time it took Husband to come outside the snake had slithered under a couple of magnolia leaves. I tried to get it to come out by dowsing it with water, my only weapon at the time was a water hose. Husband said that wasn't going to work. He went and got a hoe, that'd fix it.  

We worked at getting it to come out from under the leaves for a few minutes, when it finally did it slithered all over the place. I was scared that it would come at me--I was in bare feet, not good when trying to kill snakes.  When it slithered on top of this rock I thought the Hubs was going to take a good whack at it and the viper would meet its demise. But he didn't.

When I asked Husband why he didn't chop its head off he said 'because it isn't a bad snake.'  

Not a bad snake!? 


I asked the Hubs how he knew it wasn't a 'bad snake' he said that the head wasn't triangular shaped. That was the same answer his grandmother gave me several years ago when there was another snake that needed killing, she said it was a good snake and to leave it alone. Tree huggers.

No snake killing today, just a bunch of mud and weeds that still need to be pulled. Uh, I believe I will leave the weeds there for a few days...hoping the snake will move on to someone else's yard.  Oh wait, THERE ARE NO OTHER YARDS AROUND! Curses.

Indiana Jones and I will be BFF's as long as those reptilian nemesis exist.

I. Hate. Snakes.

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