Twilight Zone-ish

Have you ever watched The Twilight Zone?  The original, not some remake where there's blood, shoot-um ups and the like.  When I was a kid The Twilight Zone would scare the bajeebers out of me, I'm surprised my parents allowed us to watch it.

Fast forward about, hmmm, forty five years.  Recently, while looking for a Texas Rangers baseball game, I came across the classic TV show on the channel that was suppose to be showing the Rangers, something about a rain delay. The episode had Robert Redford in it, a very young Mr. Redford I might add. I'm a big Robert Redford fan, I wish I lived in Utah so I could hie to his lovely mountain in hopes of running into him but not with Daughter in tow, she might get embarrassed.  I almost ran into him once, a long time ago. A long time ago as in almost thirty years ago.  Wanna know the story?  I'll tell you...some other time.

Back to the Twilight Zone.

After I watched the episode with Mr. Redford, the bajeebers were just as scared as ever.  I thought of the Twilight Zone early this morning as Dog and I were out for her six in the morning stroll.  Before I share my little Twilight Zone moment let me preface it by saying that I live out in the semi-boonies.  Semi-boonies because I don't live miles and miles from other houses but on an approximately two hundred acre plot of land there are only three houses, mine, Husband's cousin's and the in-law's.  I don't live where there are sidewalks and scores of people walking past, so when I saw a solitary piece of paper at the end of my road I thought it kind of odd.  I've come across Dr. Pepper cans, beer cans and Taco Bell trash but it was odd to see an intact piece of paper the size of a three by five card.

While Dog scampered down the hay meadow sniffing for who know what, I walked over and picked up the paper...and got a little creeped out by what I saw.  

Wanna see?  

I'll show it to you...some other time.

Nah, I'm just toying with you.

Here's my little find.  Side one.

Side two.

Weird, huh? 

As I looked at this I concluded that it was dropped, lost, left, whatever, very recently.  The paper is not torn in any way, as it might be from laying out near the road for a few days.  Nor are there tire marks from it having been run over by a car from being so close to the road.  

Then, I got to thinking all sorts of thoughts.  Which, can be a bad thing.  

I thought about how the paper got to the end of my road.  My road 't's' into another main road that has more traffic than my road but it's not a thoroughfare by any stretch of the imagination.  So, did someone toss it out as they were driving past or were they walking by late, late, late, almost dawn late, at night?  

I thought, why would someone be out walking late, late, late, almost dawn late, at night?  

I thought, is this some kind of cryptic joke?  

Then I thought, this is like the Twilight Zone and sacred the bajeebers out of myself. 

Well, not really.  But I did think it was kinda weird to find an intact piece of paper at the end of my road.


  1. Quoting a youngster of many years ago...too weahd, too weahd for me...

  2. That is a bit strange. I wonder if it's a note card from a speech. I used to do that for speech and debate. I'd write everything I wanted to say on one side of the card and then short tag lines on the other side. But, if that's the case, what an odd subject for a speech.