Sunday, Pew Buddy came to the pew with a piece of paper rolled up scroll style.

With her usual brilliant smile, she said, "Ahnitha, this is for you".

I was excited to see what PB had made for me...she has the best imagination.

I unrolled the paper to see this

Pew Buddy's mom could see that I was having a hard time seeing what she had intended to draw so she quietly said, 'it's a treasure map'.

Of course it is!

I asked PB if her map would help me find some treasure and she said 'yes, big treasure.'

I meant to ask PB's mom what PB had been watching to prompt her to draw a treasure map.  I'm sure it was the same thing that influenced her to create a boat out of a laundry basket and an oar out of a wooden spoon.

I love a child's imagination, it always brings a smile to my heart.


  1. 'Jake and the Neverland Pirates' on Disney Channel. Did you find the big treasure?


    p.s. Your new blog address won't recognize that I'm signed in to my google account, therefore I have to leave comments anonymously.

  2. Oh, dear. I have no idea why it won't recognize you...AND...i have no clue on how to find out!!! Arrrgghh!