I give you a word of caution there are some icky pictures on this post. Not graphic, just icky. 

One of the few television shows that I'll watch is NCIS. Love it. I had my own little crime scene to investigate a couple of days ago.

Monday, I was watering those areas of my yard that were in the midst of a meltdown because of Mother Nature's extended hot flashes.

There was a particular part of the yard that I'd walked across several times as I moved the hose and sprinkler around.  On one of those moves of the hose and sprinkler, I saw this.

Yep, a dead, dehydrated, jerky looking, snake.  A dead Copperhead to be more specific. (Insert shudder here)

I was intrigued when I saw that it was pretty much intact.  Intact except for the the whole missing its inners and not moving part...for which I was grateful.  Had it had its inners and been moving, I would have been running the opposite! I hate snakes.

As I looked at this dead reptile, I wondered how it had gotten to this part of the yard, I hadn't noticed its carcass in the numerous trips I'd made over this area.  Yet, here it was all shriveled but pretty much intact.  It was almost as if it had gotten stuck to the flagstone and been dehydrated by the intense heat.

I started thinking all Twilight Zone-ish.  You know, maybe it was dropped by some sort of freakish thing in the middle of the night as it ran across our yard that's hidden deep in the woods.  Nah. 

My reasoning skills kicked that theory out the window...but...maybe it was dropped by a hawk, possible...but a hawk wouldn't have sucked the inners out and left the skin.  Then I thought maybe, Dog found it the woods and dropped it there...but, she hasn't been outside for extended periods of time lately, too hot. What about a coyote killing it...but then again it wouldn't have sucked the inners out and left the skeleton and skin.  

That's what had me baffled the skin and skeleton intact and the fact that the skin from the underbelly was stuck to the flagstone.  Hmmm.

I showed my findings to the Hubs when he got home from work.  He was just as fascinated by my finding as I was.  Unlike me, he reach a very probable conclusion right away.  His theory?  Judging from the mangled state, it got caught in the blade of the lawn mower and was flung to its resting place. Of course, this makes perfect sense. Except...the lawn guys come on Friday, I saw this jerky-fied mess on Monday. Where was it from Friday afternoon till Monday morning??

More disturbing, if this Copperhead was indeed in the lawn and got caught in the blade of the lawn mower, that means that it was slithering around in my yard.  Without my permission.  Waiting for me to come up on it, ready to strike with its sharp, venom filled fangs. (Insert chill going down spine and goose bumps all over here.)

I hate snakes.

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  1. Raiders of the Lost Ark: Aw, c'mon. Show a little back bone!