Ever read The Velveteen Rabbit

Meet Velveteen Pup.

Pup has been a fixture of Daughter's life since she was teeny-tiny. Her great grandmother gave Pup to her. He's been everywhere and I do mean EVERYWHERE with Daughter. He suffered an injury not too long ago, Daughter blogged about it, and I needed to perform some surgery.

Why didn't Daughter perform the surgery? Well, everyone knows that surgeons can't perform surgeries on their own least that's what I've heard.

But before I could perform my miracles, Pup needed a bath. This required some serious surgical procedures. 
A word of caution, should you choose to perform this surgery on one of your wee ones much loved, stuffed, furry friends, do it where, or at a time, they can't see the could traumatize them.

The bath before stitching in pictures.

The final step is to place the patient in the clothes dryer until dry.  Upon removal from the dryer, re-stuff with old stuffing, or new if the old is in tattered condition and then stitch head to body using strong thread.

After twenty seven years of love and several surgeries, Pup has begun to lose his fur.

However, after many miles logged being carried all over the United States, enduring many colds, hospital visits, and the cramped quarters of carry on luggage, Pup looks amazingly good for his age. 

And much cleaner too.

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