Just So You'll Know

I heart small regional airports. I love that the same person that checks you in at the counter is the same person that'll check your boarding pass and that the TSA agent will tell you to never take off your wedding ring because it could get lost and that she'll tell  you to have a great flight.

I despise when the person sitting in front of you in coach will recline their seat ALL the way back and you end up with zilch leg room and a stranger's head nearly in your lap and that no matter how much you push on the seat back the person doesn't get the very unsubtle hint to bring their seat to a full upright position. Sheesh.

I heart people who'll wait so you can step into the aisle ahead of them while you disembark the plane and then wish you a great day.

I despise it when people will have personal conversations so loudly that they are no longer personal conversations but rather full blown public forums. Sheesh.

I heart when parents are patient and loving with their very tired toddlers on extremely long flights and soothe the tired soul of both child and fellow passengers.

I despise public displays of affection that should really be saved for a more intimate setting, like a bedroom, not a busy, crowded terminal. Sheesh.

I heart being where it's not one hundred degrees.

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