Dancing Machines

Over the weekend I got about fourteen hours of sleep. This is not a good thing for a fifty-something year old woman. The old body is having a hard time recovering from sleep depravation. 

So, why did I subject myself to this torture?

I blame these guys.

Oh, and all of these.

And specifically, these cuties.

I, and approximately four hundred other adult volunteers, spent the weekend helping about two thousand fourteen to eighteen year olds put on a dance festival/youth conference. Am I crazy???? Don't answer that.

It was an AMAZING weekend to say the least. Every participant did an outstanding job in their performance, in their attitude (remember, I know all about teenage attitude, these two thousand kiddos showed none of it) and in their effort to do a good job.

The  youth from our stake performed a dance number to the song Boggie Woggie Bugle Boy

They worked on this dance for seven months, which sounds like a long time but when you consider that they only had two Wednesdays and an occasional Saturday a month to do this, it's a miracle they were able to do such a great job. In addition to this dance they had to learn an opening and closing number dance, as well as an all girl dance and an all boy dance. Something else to consider, as a general rule, boys don't like to dance. 

I could go on but there aren't enough adjectives to describe how awe inspiring the weekend and event were. Would I do this again? In a heartbeat.

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  1. How fun! It's so wonderful to see the youth involved with such a worthwhile activity.