Creepy Critters

The life expectancy of unwanted guests in my house is however long it takes me to find some sort of weapon. Usually a shoe or rolled-up magazine does the trick.

Yesterday, as I was making the bed in one of the guest rooms, I felt something rather firm under my bare foot; I hate wearing shoes around the house, too constraining. My foot was partially under the bed and the thought crossed my mind that it was a spider that had been dead for a few days and had petrified...I had guests over the past few days and hadn't had a chance to vacuum in there. 

You know where this is going don't you?  It wasn't a petrified spider. It was one of this.

After a momentary freeze in the action, I thought better go get a shoe or something and make sure it's good and dead. I walked across and down the hall to my closet and grabbed a shoe, taking a moment to decide which shoe would best do the trick, walked back to the guest room, arm raised with shoe in hand ready to clobber the critter, only to find that he was not there.

The stinker was not dead when I stepped on it!!!

I figured he'd scurried back under the bed so I raised the bed skirt, hoping he hadn't gone too far under the bed because that would have required moving the bed, which would then have caused him to scurry around the room, which would have caused me to run around the room after him.

Fortunately, or unfortunately if you're the critter, he hadn't gone far. He was a hard little cuss to annihilate, it took two good whacks before he was history. After I disposed of him, literally and figuratively, the thought crossed my mind that I could have been stung by this creepy critter!

I hadn't seen one of these in a while. When Daughter was a baby, I'd see them at my mother-in-law's every summer.  Husband says that because of the dry, hot weather we've been experiencing the scorpions will come in the house. Funny thing about critters that belong outside but make their way inside, I never see them until they come into my abode. 

If they would stay where they belong, they'd live a lot longer.


  1. Oh dear. That is scary! Don't let anymore in for fear they will bother our loving dog!

  2. AHHHHH! You stepped on a live one! Freaky! I just trap 'em under a tupperware bowl until they suffocate. -Amy