Crazy Night

Last night was an interesting experience to say the least.  We had a storm blow through, literally blow through.

Dog was a nervous wreck, which made me a nervous wreck, which was compounded by the kajillion bolts of lightening lighting up the sky, the sheets of rain and the fear that enters my body when the skies are blacker than midnight under a skillet. I hate nighttime storms, you can't see if there is rotation to the clouds or which direction the storm is heading.

After an hour of blowing wind and driving rain, it was time to try and take Dog for her evening constitutional, yeah right.  She came out of the house with much trepidation, even though the rain had stopped and all that was happening at the time was a little lightening. Yes, I know, don't go out when there is lightening in the sky but we were without power and I was ready to go to bed.

So we walk down the driveway and begin the trek up the road but I quickly cut the jaunt short. The reason for no power? There was a power line going across the road, great. Dog and I made a hasty U-turn back to the safety of the house.

I was not looking forward to a night with no air conditioning, it's been a tad hot around here, ya know. Bless the line men's heart, they were out in the weather who knows how long but work they did because at 1:21 a.m. I felt the coolness of the air conditioner come back on, along with every other light I forgot to turn off.  You never think about turning off the lights when they're already off.

In the light of day this is what I saw.

Husband's cousin's trampoline blown over the fence.

The downed power lines in the light of day are just as ominous.

The culprit of the downed power lines.

My red bench that is kinda heavy, blown over as if it were a twig. Had I not nailed down the fern stands earlier this summer, who knows where they'd be.

What saddened me the most was seeing the magnificent oak that has stood as a sentinel to our ranch damaged.

I have no idea how old this oak is. A few years ago, a much smaller oak tree was struck by lightening and it was about seventy five years old. This one is twice the size of that one. About one third of the tree is gone, I'm just sick about it. I wish I had one ginormous bottle of Gorilla Glue so I could glue it back together. Husband says the damage might cause the tree to die, I'm afraid he's right.

I took this picture two years ago after a snow storm, this gives you an idea of how big this tree really was.

Ah, well, at least we got some much needed rain.


  1. That is crazy! I'm so sad about the tree too! :( And even crazier that there was a down power line. I would have freaked out. I hope the tree makes it. It will look so weird with out it there. I'm so glad, though, that everyone was safe.

  2. Linda called this morning asking if we had any trees down here in town. I think y'all had MUCH higher winds out there. We got lots of wind and lightning but not the downed trees or branches. Glad your house survived :)

  3. Liz, thank you. I too am so glad that, to my knowledge, no one was hurt nor their home.

    L, it would be so weird to not have the tree there. It's ALWAYS been there welcoming us home. The really weird thing is that the Hubs and I were discussing not too long ago how sad it would be if we were to ever lose that tree.

  4. We had some pretty strong wind, but only enough to flip my patio chair into the wading pool. Our lights flickered a few times and the satellite reception was lost for a minute or so, but we never lost power.

    I can't believe how wrangled that trampoline got. So sorry about your tree. I hope it survives. -Amy

  5. Man, you guys really did get a bad storm. I talked with my mom a bit ago and she said they are still without power at their house. That is so sad about your oak tree. Glad you all are safe.