Bragging Rights

Last day of work for a few, quite a few, weeks.  That's not to say that I'll be kicking back by the in-law's pool with a cold glass of lemonade in one hand and a box of bon-bons in the other.  I have a grandbaby on the way!

Today, like last year, was designated as a make-up day for the snow days we had back in the winter.  Much like last year, El Jefe had contests to occupy the 'lil darlin's while we marked time until high noon.  

This year El Jefe added a new activity...a volleyball tournament... with faculty participation.  I'll cut to the chase, those young whipper-snappers ain't got nothin' on the more mature set.   So, V, you were out there serving up the ball??? 

Uh, no. I might have broken a nail or something, though I did play when I was a young whipper-snapper.  

In a tourney that involved elimination games, the faculty proved invincible.  Even when the team comprised of varsity volleyball players and varsity football players was on the court the geriatric set dominated! 

After being skunked 20-7 the first game of the championship match, and mis amigos continuing to show those youngsters how-the-cow-eats-the-cabbage in the second game, the young whipper-snappers felt the need for fresh players.  So they scanned the bleachers for the most athletic of the bunch.  All to no avail.

Husband says that it was a somewhat lopsided victory since the adults had ringers on their team, ringers like a volleyball coach, a tennis coach, a basketball coach, and two football coaches.  But, we also had a Chemistry teacher and a Math teacher...not to say they weren't athletic in their own right.  My response to that, the kids had youth and way more team members on their side.

Maybe, if El Jefe does this again, I'll dust off my set-up and digging skills and show the young whipper-snappers, both faculty and students, how it's really done.

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