Back Road Warrior

Both Daughter and Baby Sis left today. Abandoned me.  Tossed me to the side like a banana peel. Hie-tailed it outta here. But I'm not bitter, no, not me.

I'm kidding, I'm truly not bitter.

Or, am I? Nah, I'm not.

I do miss them, even though it's only been a few hours since they left.

I spent the better part of the day driving between two airports, one in My Little Corner of Texas, the other in Louisiana. I like going to the regional airports so much more than the big ol' airports in Big D.  So much easier, faster, and closer.

Although, getting to Louisiana required getting on the Interstate.

Yuck.  I hate driving on Interstates. They are congested, full of big eighteen wheelers, and full of crazy, fast drivers. As I've told you before, I prefer the back roads.

On the trip back from Louisiana I was determined to not drive back on the Interstate. After I left the airport I sought that back road. I thought I'd found it. I followed the road signs but eventually found myself back on the Interstate. After a few miles of big trucks, lots of traffic, and a rain storm I was even more determined to find the back road home. I'm happy to report that I did.

Getting off the beaten path made for a much more relaxing drive home.  I was the lone car on the road for the majority of the drive, that made it even better! Now, please don't visualize me driving like a little old lady down the road, unless it's the little old lady from Pasadena. Part of the allure of the back roads is that I can go just as fast as I do on an Interstate without the worry of cars getting in my way. Shh, let's keep this little tid-bit between you and me.

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