Old habits are hard to break.  Old habits like waking up before the crack of dawn thinking you have to go to work.  

Well, it is the first Monday of the first week after the last Friday of the last week of work, so waking up at the usual time would stand to reason.  Right?

I did need to arise early, I have that three day workshop and not really knowing where the heck the Comfort Inn of Irving is, I needed to hie-tail it out of SILK's house by seven.  It's a good thing I did.

I learned long ago not to rely on Internet directions, they are often wrong.  Or if not wrong, the written explanation is so convoluted that you throw your arms up in despair and just wing it.  Today was no exception.  Google maps had me taking an exit that doesn't exist from the freeway I took.  Oh, I saw an exit sign that had the streets they indicated but it was for a completely different interchange.  Grrrr.

What did I do?  Used my innate GPS after I took an exit that had me almost to Fort Worth and doubled back and found the Comfort Inn of Irving...with five minutes to spare.

The way home was no different.  Exits that took me into parts of Dallas that require a concealed handgun license, driving in circles for about five minutes, then finally ditching the Google directions and using innate GPS and getting myself to the most important part of the day, shopping...and food!

Shopping was here.

But before any serious shopping could take place, a pit stop.  Some place with nice, neat, clean, well organized water closets.  Where, oh, where could that place be.

Might this place have such facilities?

Most definitely.  Positively.  Without question.

The commodes lie just behind those louvered doors, spacious and clean.

Is it weird to be so particular about public restrooms?  Don't answer that.

Food was this

and that.

That was a mini Turtle Bundt cake.  Oh, if only I could share a taste of it with you.  It was moist, not over the top chocolate-ty, perfect carmel, toasted pecan filling deliciousness. 

What about the workshop?  

Uh, oh, yeah, the reason I'm in Big D.  Here's what I've learned.

Ich bin Veronica.  Ich will und Katze.  Ich ist nach Dallas gegangen.  

Translation:  I am Veronica.  I want a cat.  I've gone to Dallas.  

Oh, yeah, I've learned some German.  Except, I don't really want a cat.

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  1. You do to want a cat! Stop living in denile. As a matter of fact, I think you need two this time.