Sad Sunday

As I always do on Sunday, I went to church.

As with every Sunday, I was fed...spiritually speaking that is.

Unlike every Sunday, I was sad when I left church.  

My Pew Buddies were gone today, which made for a sad Sunday.  Husband says that I'll be a big mess should they ever move from My Little Corner of Texas.  He's probably right.  I guess I should prepare myself for that day.  As talented as their dad is, he's on the fast track to somewhere and I know their mommy is not a fan of hot Texas summers...who is.  

I'm glad that PB uses my pocket camera to document her toys and her love of arranging them on the pew.  Should they ever leave I'll have these to remind me of their sweetness.

Or should they stay here till I'm old and decrepit, I can give them to their mom for later embarrassment.


  1. I never got to do stuff like that. So not fair.

  2. I didn't have a pocket-sized-digital-camera back then :) ...otherwise you'd have had tons of 'pew pics'

  3. we got pretty rowdy when we got to sit together in the olden days in church. i'm thinking we wouldn't have been trusted with a phone back then anyways. your dad had to shoot "you-better-stop-giggling-before-i-come-make-you" glares as it was.

  4. those were so my favorite sundays.

  5. We missed you as well. I've wondered what you do with all those pictures she takes. I just assumed you deleted them as soon as you got home.