Road Trip x 2

Saturday I logged almost three hundred miles.  It took two different trips to accomplish but two hundred and ninety was the magic number.  


I was up at 4:30 for trip number one.  


Big D, and I do mean Dallas.  I had to take my Young Women to an activity there, more on that at a later time.  

Intrigued?  Yes?  No?  

Destination numero dos was a bit closer to home.  Husband and I had date night in the big-town-south-of-us.  Dinner and Target.  Yes, we live large.

On both trips my shot-gun rider played DJ.

DJ one was young therefore the music she and her posse chose was young....and LOUD!  The decibels rivaled that of a 747.  Yes, I could have turned it down but then I might have fallen asleep.  It also took me back to a time when I drove Daughter and nine or ten of her best friends to Six Flags for a day of fun in the sun.  They liked their music loud too.  Then as now I was introduced to songs I'd never heard but liked.  I had my DJ yesterday make a list of the songs for later iTunes purchase.  I was amused by the names of some of the artists.  Hot Chele Ray?  Bowling For Soup?  Odd names if you ask me.  You may be familiar with these artist and they may even have songs out that are not appropriate for a fifty three year old to listen to, don't tell me if they do.  I liked the songs I heard and don't want to know about any of the questionable stuff.

DJ two was also younger than I but only by a couple of years.  His choice of music was much more along the lines of what I like, he was using my iPod to pick his tunes, after all.  The decibels were much lower, though if Husband had been by himself it would have been much louder, he likes his music loud. I knew the artists names and songs, no need for a list.  I will admit, some of the names are also odd.  Player?  ELO?  Steely Dan?  How do artists come up with their names anyway? 

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