On This Day

So, how did you spend your Memorial Day?  

Did you have to work?  I'm sorry if you did.  My school district could have required us to go, to make up the weather day we had in February, or was it January...hmmm the mind is going...but they chose not to do so.

Or, did you have the day off, like Husband and I?  We enjoyed sleeping in till 6:00 this morning, so relaxing.  Then he went for a run while I was lazy and stayed behind.  Later it was yard work and burgers on the grill.

We also watched The Longest Day on TV.  Have you seen this movie?  I'm not much of a fan of war movies but this is one that I will watch, I can't say I 'enjoy' watching it.  I watch it to help me remember of how precious freedom is.  I watch it to help me remember how blessed I am to live in a nation that helps other nations win back freedom that was lost.  I watch it to never, never, ever forget how the sacrifices of others have help so many of us enjoy what we have.

I know there's a lot of dramatization in movies.  In The Longest Day though, they used some of the actual footage from the water landing of Normandy.  This is always the part that gets to me, I get all misty eyed each and every time I watch it.  As I watch this, I realize that those men were not men but young boys, some as young as eighteen.  That's the age of some of the kiddos I teach, it's a sobering thought.

I hope that on you Memorial Day, whether you worked or had the day off, you took a moment to think of those who have died so that we can live the life we have.

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