Mama's Day

I hope all of you had a wonderful Mothers Day.

Mine began with Husband telling me about this article.  I loved it.  I felt wonderful after reading it.  

Talked to my Mom.  

Daughter called and we had a wonderfully long conversation.

Pew Buddies and their Mama gave me this lovely plant. 

P.B.'s mama used some lettering to write around the rim:  A family BLOOMS with a Mother's love.  I appreciate the thought this gift represents very, very much.  It reenforces the article I told you about.  

On another note.  

One of my colleagues told me today after lunch that we have two Mondays left till the end of the school year.  I gave him my whacha-talkin'-'bout-Willis look.  El Jefe concurred.  But we have four Fridays.

Confused?  Lemme 'splain.

We have next Monday and the following Monday but are out for Memorial Day.  We have this Friday and the subsequent three.  The last one is a half day, so technically speaking we have three and a half Fridays until the end of the school year.  

I wish they hadn't told me this tid bit information. 

I hate countdowns.  They make it feel like the end will never, ever get here.  Plus it make ME not want to do anything; the kids are already feeling this way, so if I feel the same as they do, it will be an up hill battle for the next whatever number of days are left till the end.  


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