Thursday was the day for Dog's yearly visit to the doggie spa, aka dog groomer.  I don't know how she feels about this yearly trek, she's usually embarrassed for a day or two but after that she frolics about like a new puppy.  

Must be liberating to loose the fur.

Last year she came home from the groomer looking like a Shepoodle.  This year, it's a bit more...minimal.

Here's the before.

And here's the after.

No Poodle feet this year.  The pom-pom tail, history.

This year she's sporting the Greyhound look.

Perhaps we were a bit quick on the draw getting her summer do.  This weekend we were graced with winter-like temps, Saturday the high was 64.  Unheard of for this late in the spring.  Yeah I know, 64 is balmy winter temps for some but for us it's more winter than balmy.

I considered buying a dog sweater for her but decided against it for two reasons.  

Reason number one:  It'll be 95 by the end of the week.

Reason number two:  I don't think it's right to put clothes on animals.  


  1. I tried searching for you on FB to get your email, but I couldn't find you. Tell me your email so I can invite you Pinterest.

  2. Wow! She looks so different. I bet it is liberating for her to run in around without all the long hair. Going short for the summer is a must in the Texas heat!