The Future of Things to Come

I had a guy ask me out on a date.  And it wasn't Husband.

This guy is much, much shorter than I, yet I considered his offer and accepted, with Husband approval.

No, Husband hasn't lost his ever lovin' mind, nor have I.  Ya see, the guy that asked me on a date is Cute Little Fella.

I took him and his Cute Sis home on Monday, or was it Tuesday, no matter, as we were driving home he said 'Veronica, will you come watch me play Thursday?'

How could I turn down such a sweet invitation?

Thursday came and Husband and I trekked to the local ballpark to watch CLF and his team, The Batmen.  I wonder, how did they come up with their name?

CLF did pretty well, got a hit his first at bat.  His coach, his uncle, gave him some encouragement 'run faster, quit jogging', which he did.

He turned on the after burners and scored a run.

As Husband and I watched CLF play, I also observed the others around me.  The ballpark mamas in particular.  It was interesting to say the least.

You know how there are 'pageant mamas'?  Well, ballpark mamas are right up there with them.

The thought came to me that in seven or eight years Daughter might be one of those ballpark mamas.  Then I came to my senses and knew that she would never be like the ballpark mamas I saw.  I also realized that I will be the grandmama sitting in the lawn chair watching the kiddos.  

I wonder how well I'll fit that mold?  Meh, no matter, as long as grandson-to-be flashes one of these I'll be fine sitting in lawn chairs cheering him on.

Oh, CLF's team won, they were ahead 13-0 at the end of the third inning. 

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  1. He really is a cute little fella, and so sweet as well. I like your term 'ballpark mama' much better than 'soccer mom.' I really can't stand the sport of soccer. I hope my children don't take a liking to it someday.