Fads & Fashion

Fads and fashion come and go, of this I'm aware.  There are certain fads/fashions that I'm ready to see go the way of double knit polyester and Nehru jackets...though I think these are coming back. Oh, dear.

Torn jeans. 

Why?  Why do people, men and women, young and old, spend good money on something that once was considered an embarrassment to wear in public?  I had a student tell me recently that the more holes in a pair of jeans the more expensive they were.  Oh, really?  I'm dumbfounded.

Justin Bieber hair. 

I'm beyond ready for the boys to quit fidgeting with their hair.  They'll spent the greater part of the class period finger-combing or hand-smoothing their hair into just the right place, no matter how often I ask them to stop.

Basketball shorts and jerseys. 

It has become rather tiresome seeing this attire, especially on girls.  The fairer sex needs to dress so that they look feminine, not like some androgynous mess. 

Baggy pants.  

Certain things don't need to be shared with the public, underwear color is one.

Is my age showing?


  1. Someone told me that neons are coming back. I'm not sure how I feel about that. Oh, and rompers.

  2. Abby,

    I've seen the neon colors on nails and have read that neon lip color is also hip and cool. I must say, I will remain hip and uncool. So if I'm uncool, does that make me hip and hot? :) Not a fan of the rompers, maybe on wee little ones but not on anyone else.