I finally found a Saturday devoid of commitments so that I could get my flower beds in order for the summer.  

Gardening is my way of relaxing. Have you ever gotten all dirty and sweaty and then taken a nice cool shower and felt refreshed?  That was me Saturday. There is something about sweating, getting good and dirty, and feeling dirt with my hands that makes me feel all happy inside, tired but happy.

There was a time, many years ago, when I would undertake getting the flower beds in shape by myself. About eight years ago, one of Husband's cousins needed to earn some money so I hired him and a friend to help me out. I shoulda done it sooner!  The task went by some much quicker and my body thanked me profusely.  I learned from then on to hire some young muscle to help me out.  Keeps them off the streets, er, back country roads, and me from getting a stiff back. It's all win-win.

Some pictures, of course.

We began with these.  

Thirty bags of mulch.  If you don't mulch you're gonna be pulling weeds!







I forgot to take 'before' shots of these three spots but believe me, they were pitiful, just pitiful.

I have one more ginoumous flower bed to tackle.

Any guess as to what I'll be doing this weekend? 

Oh, one more thing.  There is a certain black and white, four-legged creature that kept creeping into the pictures that proceeded to dig herself not one, not two, but three lounging holes while I ran to town to grab a bite to eat.

Dogs and pretty flower beds are like oil and water. Grrr.

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  1. I LOVE working in the dirt as well. I have planted some flowers and even a garden for the fist time since we moved here. It makes me happy!!! :)