This week has been Teacher Appreciation week at HHS.  I've enjoyed it. 

We've been fed.  As always, food is the universal go to manner of showing love and appreciation.

We've been enlightened.  The Super gave each teacher a cool Maglite.  In HHS red no less.

And I was reminded that this job can always, always, let me say it again, always, cause me to scratch my head. 

What other job can give you insights on how the adolescent mind works, or as in these cases, sometimes experiences a short circuit.

Me:  E., what's a fable?
E.:  I don't know what that means.
Me:  You don't know the meaning of what?
E:   Fable.  Is that English?

S.: Señora, is jaguar a verb?
M:  No, S., it's an animal.
S:  Are you sure?

#3  We were preparing to read a short story in Spanish when M asked...
M:  Do you have this story somewhere in English?
Me: No.
M:  Then how do you know what it says?
Remember, I'm a Spanish teacher.

I can't make this stuff up. 

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  1. please tell me they were thinking of jugar....I would love to see jaguar conjugated though. you should have said it was a verb. :)