You Gotta Have Friends

Last night was wonderful. 

One of my dearest friends in the entire world (this is not hyperbole) came to My Little Corner of East Texas from her Little Corner of West Texas.  Her husband came too.  Though our visit was only an hour and a half long, it was an hour and of half of sheer bliss. 

I miss my friend.  She understands me.  She's my age, well, not really, she's a couple of years younger but what's age anyway.  Age is just a way to mark time. 

I vow to visit her Little Corner of Texas this summer!

After Dear Friend and her hubby left, Husband and I went over to our bishop's house for Family Home Evening.  It was great.  FHE with the bishop and his family brought back memories from when Daughter was eight and she'd conduct the activity.  Bingo was her favorite.

We've been friends with this family for a long time.  We go back to before Bishop and his lovely wife were married.  Heck, Bishop's Wife was one of my girls the last time I served as an adviser to the young women of our ward.  Had it not been for Bishop's Wife, her compadres, and a moment of weakness, I wouldn't have pierced ears.  At thirty two years of age, I caved to teenage pressure and got my undefiled ears pierced.  True story.

Friends.  Make.  Life.  Wonderful.

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