Walking Dog up the road last week I noticed the neighbor's little five year old boy jumping on his trampoline. He loves to jump on his trampoline.  He also loves to chat.  

Never fails that he'll stop jumping if Dog and I are walking past their house.  We chat briefly so his dogs don't come charging at us trying to protect him. Actually, he chat's while I listen 

This time was no different.  Except that as Dog and I walked away he said, 'I'm going to make you something.'  I told him it wasn't necessary and thought nothing more of it.

Neighbor is the only other house on our road, Neighbor also happens to be Husband's cousin. 

An hour and a half later there was knock at the door.  It was Neighbor and Little Boy.  

Little Boy had indeed made something for me.

I decided to place my little chick with the rest of my Easter decor...such as it is.

Looks pretty good, I think.